Week 7: Rapid Prototyping

OCT. 10th 2018--Small Scale Bogie System

Task Items:
-Continue developing concepts
-Obtain dimensions of components 

This weeks class consisted of a quick meeting which eventually lead to everyone dispersing to their respective groups. While in groups I talked with the small-scale track team to overcome an issue with the track at the three-way junction. At the junction there was a large gap the bogie would surely fall through so it was decided to stagger the turns so one is behind the other. 

Additionally, I spent time reading an article consisting of all the major modules for a bogie along with the different configurations. The article can be found below. The article helped map out possible concepts that I can build up on and replicate a more feasible design. To create functional parts, I will need to find the dimensions of all the components going on the bogie and create CAD model. After the models are created then I can build up the bogie.

Article: http://www.ejrcf.or.jp/jrtr/jrtr18/pdf/f52_technology.pdf


  1. Small Scale Bogie Design Team: I would like to begin seeing your concepts designs posted here. What do you plan on doing for the mechanical steering system? Propulsion system?

    Since you are the only one on your team (as far as I am aware), do you feel overwhelmed with your tasks? Do you need additional help? If this is the case, please delegate some tasks to your controls team (such as figuring out the induction charging station, or the podcar tracking system and what components will be needed and where they will mount to your bogie design).

    Please read my latest post to ensure your team keeps up with Fall 2018 schedule http://spartansuperway.blogspot.com/2018/10/fall-2018-week-by-week-schedule_8.html


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