Week 7: Rapid Prototyping

OCT. 10th 2018--Small Scale Bogie System

Task Items:
-Continue developing concepts
-Obtain dimensions of components 

This weeks class consisted of a quick meeting which eventually lead to everyone dispersing to their respective groups. While in groups I talked with the small-scale track team to overcome an issue with the track at the three-way junction. At the junction there was a large gap the bogie would surely fall through so it was decided to stagger the turns so one is behind the other. 
Additionally, I spent time reading an article consisting of all the major modules for a bogie along with the different configurations. The article can be found below. The article helped map out possible concepts that I can build up on and replicate a more feasible design. To create functional parts, I will need to find the dimensions of all the components going on the bogie and create CAD model. After the models are created then I can build up the bogie.

Week 6: Work Study

OCT. 3rd 2018--Small-Scale Bogie
Task Items:
Continue ResearchDevelop conceptsEmail Powder Coater Summary: Today all teams went to their respective groups and worked on their project. For today I worked on updating my Gantt Chart to include important dates, such as presentation dates and paper assignments. Additionally, I calculated the friction requirements for the bogie at grades 8 and 12 percent. Each calculation verified that both concepts of rubber and aluminum wheel (for flange wheels) will work with the track teams design goals. I also got the contact information for the powder coating lead and will be able to meet later next week.

Week 5: Presentation 1

SEPT. 26th 2018--Small Scale Bogie System

Task Items:
-Develop a thorough schedule including dates of assignments. 
-Continue research.
-Think of concepts.
-Look more into specific design criteria.

Today all teams presented their presentation regarding an overview of their project including their purpose, goals, functional specifications, and plans. In regards to the Small-scale bogie team's presentation, the necessity in preparing for future presentations is clear. Evaluation of presentation criteria will should be done earlier to allow adequate time to develop meaningful and organized content. 

At the end of the Small-Scale Control team Professor Furman commented on the use of gimbal motors as an alternative to brush-less motors that provide high rpm. At the end of my presentation Furman relayed that the bogie design is a candidate for injection molding were the design geometry of the bogie will need to be reviewed in the future.

Link to presentation:…

Week 4: Feature Specification Presentation

SEPT. 19th 2018--Small Scale Bogie System (Day 4)

Task Items:
-Include friction calculation to proposal.
-Prepare for Presentation for next class. 


The beginning of class was used for presenting team's revised proposals. Small scale went first and determined where one group's responsibility ended and others began. Professor Furman commented on including friction calculations to handle the gradeability proposed by the track team. The need for multiple bogie design to meet the expanding track is becoming more necessary. This will increase the work but will allow for multiple design concepts. 

Revised proposal.
Multiple chassis design concepts include: H-frame, C-channel with cross-members like a vehicles.

Week 3: Finalizing Function Specifications

SEPT. 12th 2018--Small Scale Bogie System (Day 3)

Task Items:
-Finalize feature specs.


Everyone went to their respective groups and worked on finalizing their feature specs. We had Kevin, who was on last years small-scale track team, visit the small scale squad and where he gave us some insight. As far as information related to the bogie he insured that the motors would need to be changed, for they burned out, and for determining bend radius he recommended looking into how trains do it. 

While with the small scale squad was together we established a line of communication through a shared google folder and also a group chat using Slack. We discussed the possibility of producing three functional bogies to have running on the track. Whether it will be three different designs or one design reproduced will need to be decided. 

The following items will need to be quantified in order to complete the functional specifications: Weight Speed Size (Build volume) Grade Acceleration …

Week 2: Presentation of groups and their goals.

SEPT. 5th 2018--Small Scale Bogie System (Day 2)

Task Items:
-Continue Brainstorming
-Project proposal (Due Sept. 8th 11:59 pm)
-Develop Specifications
-Continue research
-Begin developing budget
-Think about schedule


Today the class went through their lightening talks describing their focus on the project. The small-scale bogie presentation is linked at the bottom of this post. The following groups presented:
Full-scale Bogie/Guideway Interface*Full-scale Controls Full-scale Drivetrain*Full-scale SolarFull-scale Wayside powerHalf-scale bogie*High Power-density MotorSmall-scale BogieSmall-scale Controls*Small-scale Track**Groups to establish communication with for ideas, assistance, and concepts.
After the presentation I met with the small-scale track and small-scale controls teams and discussed different concepts and analyzed last years design. 
Focus will be mainly on improving drive system as it was the main issue with last years system.
Sub areas include improving switch…

Week 1: Introduction to teams and project focus.

AUG. 29th 2018--Small Scale Bogie System (Day 1)

Task Items:
-Create Team Blog
-Brainstorm Ideas for brief presentation next class

Current issues for the existing bogie design include:
1.) Motors burn out after exhibit.
2.) Wear and Tear on the wheels due to equal power distributed to each wheel during turns.
3.) Binding at the joint that connects the master and slave system.

-Flanged or Conical Wheels
-Better motor