Week 15: Presentation

DECEMBER 5th: SMALL SCALE BOGIE IMPROVEMENT TEAM. The beginning of class period the remaining presentations were conducted including the small scale teams. A link for my presentation is available below. In my presentation it was addressed that a decision for moving forward with either differential or conical wheel design is needed to be made. To do so a comparison was made as shown below. 
Conical Wheels Pros: Used in the majority of bogies today. Easy to incorporate and produce. Reduces wear through passive ("natural") turning. Cheaper No need for independent axles
Cons: Hard to control. Does not account for inconsistencies in track. Making costs material and time.
Differential      Pros:      Off the shelf part.
     Precisely made.      Minimal assembly.  Not as dependent on track quality.      Cons: Price
Made for lego axles
Relatively hard to integrate. Gets benefits from tighter turning radius. Prevents natural turning motion.  Requires independent axles.
As shown the conical wheels have …

Week 14: Presentations

In class presentations were given to which none of the small scale was able to present due to time constraint.

From the Gantt Chart, this week marks the beginning of the FEA analysis for the bogie design. The main areas of concern will be the articulating joint and servo arm for track switching. Last years arm model was able to achieve a safety factor of 8.5 which should be similar to this years model as it is similar. However the linkage system will also have to go FEA to ensure that there is not failure at the joint where the parts are expected to have the least material. The articulating joint will go under similar analysis.

Week 12: Design

NOV 14th - Small Scale Bogie Improvements Team

Continuing from last weeks flanged wheel design, after increasing the angle to 25 degrees I was able to achieve passive turning. However, the dramatic increase of angle lead to excessive rocking back and fourth of the wheels. While not perfect the concept is proving feasible with more angles to be tested. Some concerns is that inconsistencies in the track may cause results to vary in some areas but with the small scale track team's efforts in improving the bending process the function of the wheels will most likely succeed. A comparison of pros and cons of using the wheels and differential is required for further development towards a final design.

I received information from professor Furman and his guest that has a wide selection of Lego parts that will aid in gear selection to ensure functional gear trains for using bevel gears with the differential. Additionally, the small scale track team and I visited Daniel Bolin …

Week 11: Small Scale Bogie

NOV 7th - Small Scale Bogie Improvements Team

Within this week I tested the use of flanged conical wheels to assess the feasibility of using them for passive turning on the track. The initial design was referenced to an existing design that had a slight angle to the wheel of about 3 degrees. Two wheels were attached to an axle and by gravity was allowed to roll down a curved track. The wheels unfortunately did not move as desired and rather continued in a straight line. A new set of wheels will be tested with a greater angle. The updated design is shown below which has a 25 degree angle.

Updated Conical Wheels

Week 10: Prototyping

Oct. 31 Small-Scale Bogie Team

The controls team and I talked about the selected  gimbal motor. Some concerns were raised about it not having a shaft and upon further investigation it was found that half of the motor enclosure would rotate not just the shaft. This will make mounting the motor difficult and we should look for alternatives. The need for a functioning test track and Bogie set up are hitting high demand and will most likely be the small scales topic for discussion among other things. As far as inductive charging the integration will be lead by the controls team with little Bogie involvement as it does not dorectly effect Bogie design.

Week 9: Presentations

OCT 24: Small Scale Bogie

In class teams presented their progress for this fall semester. All teams presented their design concepts they have developed thus far. The full scale bogie team announced their transition to developing a master slave bogie system to weep the benefits of a more modular design. Conversely, I presented my current designs and outlook to future designs. A link to the presentation can be found below.

Presentation 2:

Week 8: Lecture

OCT. 17th 2018--Small Scale Bogie

Task Items:
-Continue developing concepts
-Create presentation

For today we had about two hours to work on our project before meeting on campus for a lecture. Within the two hours I researched some more design concepts and looked up presentation requirements. The design concepts developed so far resemble that of a car frame allowing space between rails for placement of the drive components. Typical bogies utilize an H-frame design and will influence further design.

The lecture discussed the effects of technology and social interaction. We conducted a survey and discussed in groups what we put down. A few groups presented in which most agreed that technology has had an effect on social interaction.